Pulau Seribu Marine Resort – Pantara Island Resort

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The best of Pulau Seribu

The beauty of Pulau Seribu is the beauty of nature unspoiled, preserved expressly for you. The facilities on East and West have been carefully planned to complement and enhance the lush tropical surroundings to forget the constraints of time. A mere two hours from Jakarta by high speed cruiser, Pulau Seribu Marine Resort, a tropical paradise where earth and sea and sun and white sandy beach unite to bring you the vacation of your dreams.

The sea at times shining emerald green, then glowing ruby red in the sunset. At Pulau Seribu the sea takes center stage, as viewed from a sea-side restaurant, from the beach, from on board one of our pleasure boats, or from behind a scuba mask. The choice of seating is up to you.

Food for the eyes as well as the palate, to satisfy all tastes, at all times of day. Select from Indonesian, Oriental, Western or Japanese cuisine. Dine by the sea, unwind with a cocktail at a bar, or savor the tranquillity of a meal served on your private terrace.

Total of 90 thatched-roof cottages combine the best of both worlds. Rooms that can easily accommodate 4, equipped with all modern necessities. As substitute for television or radio, a large terrace from which to watch the spectacle of sea and sky, and listen to the music of the wind and waves.

Pulau Seribu Marine Resort offers a wide selection of marine sports to enjoy. The thrills of coasting over the waves on a Jet Ski or the excitement of snorkeling among school of tropical fish are just two of the many popular recreations. Beginners are encouraged to take advantage of the instruction offered by our experienced staff.

Snorkeling, tennis, table tennis, badminton, fresh water pool can all be enjoyed free of charge. There will be a charge for the followings : introductory diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, boat sailing, white-sand beach tour, trips to other islands trolling, deep sea fishing, charter cruises, charter motorboats, water skiing, professional diving tours and islands hoping tour.

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