Inter Milan Roberto Mancini and Andrea Ranocchia Visits Indonesia Pavilion

Indonesia Pavilion considered as one of the most attractive Pavilions in World Expo Milano 2015. Based on an international media, Indonesia Pavilion mentioned as one of the 24 best Expo pavilions architecture. Indonesia Pavilion consists of five zones, there are Indonesia Today Zone, Food Zone, Energy Zone, Maritime Zone, and Cultural Zone, which aims to expose Indonesian contribution in supporting food security and sustainable energy to the world.

Indonesia Pavilion promotes interesting events to increase the number of its visitors. Indonesia Pavilion held meet and greet event by inviting two VVIP guests from Inter Milan, Head Coach Roberto Mancini and Captain Andrea Ranocchia. The visit of head coach and captain from this football club owned by Indonesian businessman, Mr. Eric Thohir, was held on Wednesday, 13 May 2015 at 6 pm Milan time in Indonesia Pavilion.

Indonesian Embassy in Italy representative, Minister Counsellor Mr. Agus P. Saptono, welcoming Inter Milan Head Coach Roberto Mancini and Captain Andrea Ranocchia in main entrance. All VIP guests experiencing authentic Indonesian cuisines, tumpeng rice, includes yellow rice, sliced fried egg, ointment vegetable, grilled chicken, fried chicken, prawn pepes, tempeh orek, and fried tempeh. The most favorite Indonesian dishes, rendang and chicken satay also served, followed by desserts, like lapis legit, lemper, and fried cassava.

“The foods are really delicious! This is a fantastic experience of culinary,” said Andrea Ranocchia appreciating Indonesia culinary as quoted from Inter Channel press release. Roberto Mancini said, “I first time went Indonesia in 1995. I remember I was having a match with Sampdoria in front of 100,000 fans. Thank’s to President Thohir, there would be more spirit for Inter, especially in Indonesia.”

In the event, there were 10 lucky visitors to get the opportunity of meet and greet and presenting gifts for the Inter Milan Head Coach and Captain. In addition, 50 lucky visitors will get 50 tickets of Inter Milan match.

Besides Meet and Greet, Head Coach Roberto Mancini and Captain Andre Ranocchia took a ‘virtual journey’ to Indonesia through Oculus’ device as if it was a real visit to Indonesia. From whispering sand in Mount Bromo, beautiful Sea of Bunaken, to a hectic car free day in Jakarta.

Afterwards, Head Coach Roberto Mancini and Captain Andrea Ranocchia savoring the authentic Indonesia culinary experience from the chosen menu served by the best chefs of Bogor Café – Desa Restaurant Pavilion Indonesia. Buffet menus included steamed white rice, fried rice, beef rendang, chicken satay, gado-gado, seasoned pepes fish, crackers, pickles, and sambal.

Done tasting pepes fish, fried rice, fried chicken, and yellow rice given by Mr. Agus Saptono, Mancini falls in love with Indonesia cuisines. Meanwhile, Ranocchia really enjoyed chicken satay and will soon go back to visit Indonesia Pavilion to savor the foods served in Bogor Café Desa Restaurant as well as having more ‘virtual journey’ to Indonesia through Oculus’.

Roberto Mancini was a football star and now is a head coach of F.C. Internazionale Milano or Inter Milan. He is experienced as a manager in reputable football clubs, like Fiorentina, Lazio, and Manchester City. Meanwhile, Andrea Ranocchia is Inter Milan Captain replaced Javier Zanetti since 2014. Ranocchia listed as one of 30 team member Cesare Prandelli for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Based on this year’s theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, four of Bogor Cafe – Desa Restaurant Indonesia Pavilion’s chefs, Chef I Made Shandy, Chef Reiky Alfaridzi, Chef Satyo Ardianto, dan Chef Ali Muhajar offered the remarkable culinary experience.