Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Artha Graha Peduli Foundation (AG Peduli) is a non-profit organization founded by Artha Graha Network (AG Network) to provide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities on social-awareness, humanity act and environment.

Established in 1990, AG Network created AG Peduli to support all social-awareness and humanity act (i.e. food sustainability development, healthcare and education), people empowerment as well as legal services for the underprivileged public. With fundamental philosophy: “Artha Graha is Privately Own but Public Utility” – the company is fully aware that its role in the business world cannot be separate from moral obligation to give hands for those who are suffering from natural disasters or others.

AG Peduli social activities have successfully raised awareness from Sabang to Merauke, Miangas to Rote including area such as wood, sea, deep-end, villagers, and frontier, to even cities. AG Peduli established cooperation with various companies and government officials domestically or on abroad including forestry ministry, Indonesian Narcotic Institution (Badan Narkotika Nasional), National Disaster Management Agency (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana), Indonesian Safari Park (Taman Safari Indonesia), Indonesian Youth National Committee (Komite Nasional Pemuda Indonesia), Indonesian National Army (Tentara Nasional Indonesia), United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and others.

What Artha Graha Peduli Do

Along with the development of AG Network business sectors, AG Peduli later continues these social activities. On doing this, we focus on 5 main pillars that includes:

What Artha Graha Peduli Do

Focus on activity to support the development aspects of education, healthcare, religions and social action for underprivileged people and seniors. Distribution aid involves development and renovation of public facilities (house of worship, school, orphanage, shelter, bording school and other facilities), health counseling, distribution healthy food for toddlers, treatment care and free mass circumcision, low-cost market, groceries distribution towards religious holidays and sacrificial meat for underprivileged community.Artha Graha Peduli work together with Indonesian Narcotic Institution to organize a post drug-rehabilitation program in Tamling wildlife nature conservation. The program is blending drug-rehabilitation with nature of TWNC conservation, it encourages ex-users to re-establish their lives and livelihoods through work in TWNC conservation and ecotourism. This unique program was presented by Artha Graha Peduli Founder, Tomy Winata, in UNODC(United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) 2013 Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria.  UNODC Executive Director, Yuri Fedotov gave appreciation to TWNC for its program, and he stated that UNODC will encourage other countries to visit Tambling and learn its model for post drug-rehabilitation program.

Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation

Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation or TWNC is a conservation area initially run/managed by Artha Graha Peduli or AGP Foundation since 1996. In 2007 TWNC was officially part of AGP’s green program with the signing of Cooperation agreement between AGP and Ministry of Forestry. TWNC covers 48,153 hectares of forest which is part of 365,000 hectares of South Bukit Barisan National Park or SBBNP and around 14,089 hectares of marine reserve. TWNC is located on the southern tip of Sumatera Island and it is quite remote area where no public transportation available.


In the past, several illegal activities occurred in TWNC, such as illegal hunting, illegal logging, illegal fishing, and uncontrolled land use. Such activities created deforestation of the South Bukit Barisan National Park and reduced the available forest area by approximately 20%. In addition, the practice of blast fishing damaged the natural reefs within the marine reserve area. AGP fisrt came to TWNC in 1996 as volunteer and receive permit to manage the conservation area through Adhiniaga Kreasinusa Corporation in 2007 and the conservation area was officially named Tambling Wild Life Nature Conservationor TWNC. We collaborate with the Government to managed 48,153 hectares of forest and 14,089 hectares of sea and work together with Indonesia National Narcotics Agencies (Badan Narkotika Nasional) for drug rehabilitation program and Panthera USA for tiger monitoring program in Tambling. We also take part in UNFCCC Conference of the Parties to show our efforts in addressing climate change.

TWNC area is still well covered with forest. This area consist of low land tropical rain forests, coastal forests, mangrove forests, lake and freshwater marsh as well as low land secondary forests. There is also enclave or a portion of territory surrounded by TWNC area whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct which is called Pangekahan village at the eastern side of TWNC.


TWNC is good habitat for many endangered species such as Sun Bear, Sumatran Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Dhole, Sumatran Surili, Great Argus, Rhinoceros Hornbill, and the rare White-winged Duck which often visit Sei Leman and Menjukut Lake. Moreover, TWNC is also a home for Sumatran Tiger with the highest population density in Southeast Asia.

csr-content-1Disaster response activities for natural disasters or other kind of disasters include prevention and public education about the hazards, action relief effort, and revitalization of post-disaster actions. AG Peduli credentials on disaster response activities were done in various places in Indonesia including tsunami in Aceh, volcano eruption in Yogyakarta – Central Java, major earthquake in Padang – West Sumatra, volcano eruption in Rokatenda Mountain in Nusa Tenggara Province, Lokon Mountain in North Sulawesi, major land-slide including in Jember – East Java, Tasikmalaya – West Java and Wasior – in Papua Province, major flash floods in Jakarta, as well as cataclysms such as fire and others. Those activities cover also several remotes and country’s border area such as in Atambua (a country border to Republic Democratic of Timor Leste), Merauke (close to country border to Papua New Guinea), Nunukan (country border close to Malaysia), Rote (remote area in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, northern part of Indonesia) and Miangas (remote area in North Sulawesi Province, southern part of Indonesia). In international scene, AG Peduli has participated on giving disaster reliefs to earthquake victims in Wenchuang (China), medical support to Palestine, and donation for earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

Mangrove Care Forum - Cristiano RonaldoThese activities include forest and fauna conservation, city environment conservation, protection and improvement of natural ecosystems, and infrastructure supporting urban environment.
Since 1996, AG Peduli has also working to develop the forest conservation to face the rapid changing of global climate through conserving Sumatran tiger and the forest regularly. The result is Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (TWNC) – 48,153 hectares part of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park ( TNBBS ) located in the South end of Sumatra Island. TWNC also has + 14,089 hectares of marine reserves that consist the diversity of its flora, fauna and marine biota.
Subsequently, TWNC, A conservation park located in the southern tip of Sumatera in Lampung Province, in which they attempt to reintroduce “conflict tigers”—tigers that have attacked or killed humans—into the wild. Sumatran tiger is one of the endangered animals. TWNC has released 6 Sumatran tigers back to the forest, and also be able to release some other protected wildlife and animals such as crocodile, eagle, slow loris, and sea turtles.At the moment, AG Peduli is expanding its awareness effort on go-green campaign as our real contribution to prevent the global climate changes furthermore. Just last March 2013 ago, AG Peduli reinstate this movement again by planting mangroves for its conservation in the island of God called Bali. For this campaign, AG Peduli has specially appointed one of football’s most famous figure: Cristiano Ronaldo – to be the ambassador of “Aksi Peduli Mangrove” (Conserving Mangrove Act). Christiano Ronaldo’s step of willingness to be Mangrove Bali Ambassador will increase the world’slove to natural environment for Bali, and at same time bring direct message to international that Indonesia is state and nation who love the environment.
In last April, Peduli Mangrove action conducted through cleaning the garbage and planting mangrove seedlings at Mangrove Forest area in Telaga Waja – Benoa Cape with attendents of around 1,000 people from various elements of society and Goverment including school children in series to campaign “Save Mangrove, Save Earth”.

agpeduli-harvestActivities to develop our human resources are done through education and skill training, job creation, as well by developing entrepreneurship through the building of small and medium sized enterprises.In the 2004, to support government campaign of food resilience, AG Peduli has been developing and introducing cultivation of hybrid paddy to increase Indonesian farmers’ productivity. One of the success achievements was the farmer’s paddy harvesting in Sukabumi-West Java in November 2008, which reached the highest harvest production of approximately 16 ton paddy per hectare.
This time, Artha Graha Peduli is reviving entrepreneurship spirit to continue struggle in the middle of the crisis. Like Cassava Growers Community Empowerment or Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Petani Singkong (PMPS) in the Jonggol area – West Java who already produce Manggu Cassava plants, purple cabbage plants, chili plants, processed cassava, cassava Manggu seedlings and manure that has been processed.

Providing legal services for underprivileged public who cannot effort to fight their rights as equal citizens in the eyes of law.