Latest Events

  • 2010上海世博会
  • AG关爱基金“廉价市场”活动 2015年6月29日~7月16日
  • 2015米兰世博会
  • AG关怀在圣诞节和新年之际举办廉价市场
  • Simulasi Kebakaran di Jakarta

Feature Network

  • Pasifik Agro Sentosa
    PT Pasifik Agro Sentosa
  • Discovery Hotel & Convention Ancol, Jakarta
  • Artha Graha Building
    Gedung Artha Graha
  • Sudirman Central Business District
    Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
  • Hotel Borobudur
    Hotel Borobudur - Jakarta
  • Signature Tower Jakarta
    Signature Tower Jakarta
  • Bank Artha Graha International
    Bank Artha Graha
  • Discovery Kartika Plaza Bali Hotel
    Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel - Bali

Artha Graha Network (or “AG Network”) is the name that we use to describe the extensive network of companies, institutions as well as individuals, both affiliated and non-affiliated, which are bound together by a common vision.


  • Menabung Fulus di Bank Sampah
  • Perumahan di Jakarta Timur
    The Wiladatika Residence: Hunian Eksklusif di Timur Jakarta
  • Harimau Sumatera TMSBK kembali lahirkan tiga anak
  • Bank Artha Graha
    Bank Artha Graha Bagi Kredit Rp 60 M
  • Bank Artha Graha Cetak Laba Bersih
    Bank Artha Graha Cetak Laba Bersih Rp33,47 Miliar
  • Bank Artha Graha
    Artha Graha Gandeng Ditjen Dukcapil