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PT Jakarta International Hotels and Development Tbk (JIHD) was established in November 1969 and in March 1974, the Company first conducted commercial business by establishing the Hotel Borobudur Inter-Continental (currently, Hotel Borobudur Jakarta), a five star hotel with apartment services along with tropical garden which cover a total area of 23,000 square meter in Jakarta’s strategic location, which famous to become the place to stay for distinguished public figure, local and abroad.

In 1984, the Company was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (currently, the Indonesia Stock Exchange) and was among the first 24 companies listed in Indonesia.

JIHD main business line is property and hotels. With more than forty years of experiences, the Company and its subsidiaries have operated in four business segments namely real estate, construction services, telecommunication and hotel management.

Throughout its journey, JIHD remain consistent in offering innovative products for the hotel and property industries in Indonesia. Along with its success, JIHD expands its business coverage through its subsidiaries PT Danayasa Arthatama Tbk (DA) and PT Dharma Harapan Raya (DHR). Both of subsidiaries managed to bring the name of JIHD as the forefront in Indonesia’s hotel and property industry.

JIHD remain committed as a company that projected ambitious expansion and innovation through its distinguished project portfolios. Through strong strategic action, top executive management, and professional human resources, JIHD remain the forefront as prestigious developer in Indonesia.

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