About Us


Artha Graha Network (or “AG Network”) is the name that we use to describe the extensive network of companies, institutions as well as individuals, both affiliated and non-affiliated, which are bound together by a common vision. The network’s business scope expands across a wide range of industries and sectors throughout Indonesia. Property, Finance, Agro Industry and Hospitality sectors constitute as the 4 main pillars of our core businesses. Besides these 4 core businesses, AG Network is also diversifying into other lines of business including mining, media, entertainment, retail, IT & Telecommunication, and others.

To this end we have adopted a philosophical foundation of “Private Own Public Use” as one of our core values. In doing so we will become an agent of public and private development creating jobs and economic development while at the same time benefiting all associated stakeholders.

To achieve these goals, our team of high caliber professionals has been subjected to endless rigorous training both formally through sponsored seminars and informally in methods such as mentorship, in order to develop not only their skills but also their mental and emotional endurance. Their proficiency has been time tested and proven by their dedication, commitment and loyalty.

We continually shape ourselves to further solidify our organization while remaining adaptive to environmental changes in order to be ready to face the ever more complex challenges in today’s dynamic international business environment and emerge as one of Indonesia’s truly global network of companies. In the end it is our distinctive competence that will separate us from our competitors and make us sustainable.

We have built our business based on trust and conduct our business with the highest integrity, employing the best business practices. While strategic planning is essential in ensuring our survivability, it is also our ability to seize opportunities that will ensure our long term success. To us growth is more than a responsibility as it results job creation which ultimately translates into better a better overall socio-economic environment for Indonesia and its people. Our mission is to take an active role in nation building through our constant effort to improve the nation’s economy and social standards.

As part of our social responsibility, besides implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in every company within the network, we have established Artha Graha Peduli, a non-profit Organization of AG Network that is actively involved in numerous humanitarian programs, social programs, food sufficiency, and environmental conservation programs throughout Indonesia and abroad.