Tambling, Paradise of Flora Fauna Conservation

The paradise of conservation. The southern part of Sumatra Island has fork-like shape, Tambling is an area located in the western corner o the fork’s leg.

The name Tambling is an abbreviation of Tampang-Belimbing, which is named after Teluk Tampang in the eastern side and Tanjung Belimbing on the western side. Since 1992, PT Adhiniaga Kreasinusa was granted the permit to run Tambling as a tourist destination that covers an area of 100 ha.

On July 2008, this company obtained a permit from Southern Bukit Barisan National Park to develop supervision as well as secure an area of 45.000 ha. The working site of PT Adhiniaga Kreasinusa in Tambling is called as Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (TWNC).

TWNC area is still well covered with forest. This area consist of low land tropical rain forests, coastal forests, mangrove forests, lake and freshwater marsh as well as low land secondary forests. There is a pretty big enclave in Pangekahan at the eastern side of it. (see TWNC map).

TWNC is a good habitat for Cervus unicolor, Muntiacus muntjac, and wild buffaloes Bubalus bubalis, Sus scrofa boars, several small mammals species such as Tragulus napu, Tragulus javanicus, and Hystrix brachyura porcupine. The rare serati Cairina scutulata ducks often visit Sei Leman Lake and Menjukut in TNWC.

With the various different kinds of individual and mammal species to be the potential preys for tigers has made TWNC becomes the best habitat to free the tigers from NAD. The Infrastructures in TWNC have been well built: forest road networking, an available runway and harbor, a map, base camp as well as guesthouses, sufficient vehicles availability, all gathered information on flora and fauna as well as sufficient human resources who are ready to train to free the tiger in the particular site.